CNC Turning

Our cnc turning process produces tight toleranced, functional parts.  In a few days, your parts can be shipped.  Our shop specializes in 2 axis,  up to 6 axis mill turned parts.

What Is CNC Milling

Cnc (Computer numerical control) turning is a subtractive process.   With the part rotating at speed up to 5000pm, specialized tooling cuts away material from a larger piece.  The left over is the resultant part.

Benefits Of CNC Turning

  • Typical Tolerance of +-.005"  (+-.0002 achievable)
  • Quick Turn Around Times
  • Excellent Surface Finishes
  • Wide Material Selection

Frequently Asked Questions

Carolina Resource has worked with many materials over the years.  A few of the most commonly used materials;

  • Aluminum 5052,6061,7075
  • Steel 1018,1045,4140,A2
  • Plastics UHMW,Nylon,Delrin,PEEK
  • Stainless Steel 303,304,316
  • Titanium

Do not worry if your material is not listed.  If it is machinable, we can work with it.

Customer supplied material is acceptable.  Note we may require additional setup pieces.

Yes. We have worked with customer supplied castings and extrusions.   We have also sourced custom extrusions for our customers.

We work with our supplier partners to deliver metal treating services when needed.  More common metal treating services we work with include heat treating, black oxide, anodize type II, hardcoat anodize type III, architectural anodize, chromate conversion, nitride, passivation, zinc.